Take Back Your Life! 1:1
A customized leadership experience.

Take Back Your Life® 1:1 - A Customized Leadership Experience is a one-on-one, desk-side coaching program. This highly impactful session is designed to enable executives to dramatically increase their productivity while creating greater balance in life. This program supports participants in creating an approach to using Microsoft Outlook to manage their constant stream of communication, tasks and projects. Participants will gain insights to help spark behavioral change and adoption of proven productivity principles. This coaching session is an opportunity for leaders to create greater levels of empowerment in their role.

By the end of this three-month, dynamic coaching program, participants will experience a sense of control through an organized, focused approach to their objectives, projects, plans and action steps. Key issues addressed include: e-mail overwhelm, effective communications, efficient reference systems, managing objectives and projects, reducing interruptions, delegation, and integrating personal and professional priorities.

A one-hour pre-call is conducted prior to the session to create goals for the eight-hour coaching day. In addition, an assessment of the leader’s role and business objectives will be conducted to create the appropriate customizations. Interviews can be conducted with colleagues prior to the session to ensure participants are getting an outside-look on how to be their most productive. Following the program, three one-hour coaching calls are provided for adoption of the new methodology, with unlimited e-mail support throughout. MPS also offers online eLearning education to reinforce content. If appropriate, this program may also be conducted virtually.

On average, past Take Back Your Life! participants:
  • Experience a 64% reduction of the average number of emails in their inbox
  • Gain 10 days back a year that were previously spent working outside of the normal 9-5 day
  • Feel 14% more in control at the end of the day
  • 22% more of their tasks and calendar appointments directly align with objectives
  • 49% more time is scheduled on the calendar, prioritizing getting the RIGHT things done


Feedback from our valued clients:

"I have been using Outlook for more than 15 years, and I have been in the IT industry for more than 25 years.  Saying I was skeptical was a bit of an understatement.  I teach Outlook to my client base, I have used it for years, so how could they teach me anything new? I was very hesitant, a whole day for training, but I wanted to make sure they could deliver on some of the outstanding claims they had been making, so I setup a time to have my 1:1 training. At the end of the day I was exhausted, excited, and amazed about what I had learned.  Not only about the particle application of Outlook in my life, but how easy it has become to achieve the claims they made.  It has changed how I do business with my clients, how I interact with my family, and how I have been able to reduce the stress in my life."

-Clint Larson, 303Tech


"I appreciated the facilitator's flexibility to my individual, current state, processes and needs.  Instead of just assuming everything they applied would work for me, they were willing to listen and make adjustments to sections where it just didn't make sense while still staying in the integrity of the course and the principles. I'm really excited about having all my actions in one, easy to access place and learning how to process email effectively!

-Christine Wright, Ingersoll Rand

To learn more about Take Back Your Life, or to obtain your own customized leadership experience, email info@mcgheepro.com

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