Take Back Your Life!® 

The Take Back Your Life! group seminar is designed to enable Microsoft Outlook users to dramatically increase  their personal productivity while improving the quality of their lives. The course supports participants in creating an Integrated Management System using Microsoft Office Outlook. This system manages a constant stream of incoming electronic and voicemail communications, objectives, and projects; is centrally located, accessible as  well as flexible.


By the end of the one-day group session, participants will experience a sense of relaxed, focused control, with all objectives, projects, plans, action steps, and information organized in Outlook. Key issues addressed include:  e-mail overload, e-mail protocol, digital communications, filing, managing multiple objectives and projects, interruptions, tracking delegated items, reading material, and integrating personal and professional priorities.


A pre-call is conducted prior to the eight-hour seminar to assess roles, objectives and appropriate customization.

The seminar takes place in a classroom or conference room with a combination of PC’s, laptops, and tablets, preferably connected to the server so participants can work real-time. The Take Back Your Life! group seminar for  can be condensed into a four and a half hour in-person or virtual session. Following the seminar, a one and a half hour refresher session is offered, along with on-line access to digital eLearning content. The Take Back Your Life Simple Solutions Emails are included to increase sustainability. A productivity survey will be conducted a month later to measure specific results.   

On average, past Take Back Your Life! participants:
  • Experience a 64% reduction of the average number of emails in their inbox
  • Gain 10 days back a year that were previously spent working outside of the normal 9-5 day
  • Feel 14% more in control at the end of the day
  • 22% more of their tasks and calendar appointments directly align with objectives
  • 49% more time is scheduled on the calendar, prioritizing getting the RIGHT things done


Feedback from our valued clients:

“Thank you so much for such a life-changing class.  I have implemented all the teachings you presented and my email inbox is now empty!  Thanks again for the knowledge you shared and the changes you’ve inspired!”

-Manager, Fortune 500 Consulting Firm


“TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE…. Are you kidding, I can’t even remember when I had a life! The outcome of this work session was me taking back my life! I'm remembering what it feels like to breathe, to feel I have a sense of order in my life, and to know I now have tools which enable me to be the best that I can be!”

-Noralyn, Royal Cup Coffee

To learn more about Take Back Your Life, or to bring it to your company, email info@mcgheepro.com

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Fortune 500 Company


"I have been using the Integrated Management System daily since taking the TBYL training three weeks ago. The past three weeks have been, by far, the most productive weeks since joining this company almost six years ago. Not only do I have a better handle on the items driving my objectives, I feel like I have less stress and more work/life balance as well. I recently talked with a co-worker who said, 'I can’t afford to take a full day out for training'. My response? You can’t afford NOT to take a day out for this training, it will truly change the way you work and live your life."