Optimizing Take Back Your Life

Ready to take TBYL to the next level? These four follow-on courses, designed for TBYL grads, help to refresh the original TBYL material while introducing new concepts that help to truly optimizie your productivity!

Optimizing Take Back Your Life: Breaking Old Habits
Optimizing Take Back Your Life: OneNote
Optimizing Take Back Your Life: Personality & Productivity
Optimizing Take Back Your Life: Project Coordination

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Votorantim Metals LTDA

Sebastião Balbino - Gerente de Concentrados

"The McGhee methodology has proven very useful to me. Being able to capture personal and professional action items quickly, easily, and in one location has freed my mind for more strategic work. I am also learning how to use the calendar to manage my time effectively. It seems obvious to me now, but I wasn’t doing it. I recall telling my consultant during my training that I couldn’t calendar vacation time due to too many commitments. He insisted. I calendared and I actually took my vacation!"