Optimizing Take Back Your Life

Ready to take TBYL to the next level? These four follow-on courses, designed for TBYL grads, help to refresh the original TBYL material while introducing new concepts that help to truly optimizie your productivity!

Optimizing Take Back Your Life: Breaking Old Habits
Optimizing Take Back Your Life: OneNote
Optimizing Take Back Your Life: Personality & Productivity
Optimizing Take Back Your Life: Project Coordination

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Major Computer Maker


"I can honestly say that in my career this is probably the one training class that I have truly been engaged with. My team did this training last year and I was not able to participate at that time. I hope that I can put these best practices into use as I’m completely overloaded and have been struggling with work/life balance.

Hopefully in a few weeks time I’ll see an improvement over my 3k+ emails in my inbox!"