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November 22, 2016

MPS Congratulates New Leadership Member To Kick Start '17



Denver, CO., November, 22nd 2016– One of America’s well-regarded productivity consulting firms, working with the world’s leading companies, and the masterminds behind widely acclaimed corporate efficiency programs such as Take Back Your Life! ® (TBYL), Strategic Team Planning, and Practical Leadership Coaching, McGhee Productivity Solutions (MPS) is pleased to announce that Jennifer Wilmoth, executive consultant, has taken on the role of Take Back Your Life! Program Leader and has joined the MPS Leadership Team.

“I am honored to move into this position where I can share my expertise with our clients.” Shares Jennifer Wilmoth, “As the new Take Back Your Life! program leader, I am thrilled about supporting our client-base with projects oriented toward designing new content, developing online learning and revising the Take Back Your Life! book. Being an Executive Consultant, the TBYL program leader and sitting on the Leadership Team all come with their own demands, but a challenging work environment is something I have witnessed many of our clients face and I know I have the tools to manage it – because it’s not all going to get done now! I am so excited to contribute and to grow with this wonderful company!"

Jennifer Wilmoth loves to help people bring to reality things they thought were impossible. Starting at McGhee Productivity Solutions in 2002 as Founder and CEO Sally McGhee’s Executive Assistant, Jennifer has grown with MPS from the beginning. She has worn many hats, working in operations, finance and legal and HR before finding her true passion in full-time consulting in 2006. Jennifer now holds the esteemed title of Executive Consultant; a position which required hard work and dedication to achieve. She loves solving puzzles; she views herself not as a problem solver, but a solution finder. She helps her clients to get out of their own way and consistent feedback that her work is changing people’s lives continues to inspire and motivate her. Jennifer has had the opportunity to create derivative works of the original MPS program. The Optimizing Take Back Your Life! series MPS is launching in 2017 is an accomplishment she was excited to contribute to. She specializes in the relationship between EAs and their Executives and loves to foster that partnership and create optimal success. Jennifer is a fun-loving spirit and brings that energy into the room while also ensuring results for her clients.

“Jennifer has been with MPS since the beginning and has been an integral part of turning this company into what it is today.” Says Founder & CEO, Sally McGhee “I am so pleased to congratulate her on her new role as TBYL program leader. Her hard work and dedication have truly paid off, this year she has taken a huge leap, hitting $1 million in sales and advancing to the Executive Consultant role and now taking on the TBYL program and a seat on the Leadership Team! We are grateful to have her on board; her joy and wisdom helping to grow MPS.”

About McGhee Productivity Solutions:
McGhee Productivity Solutions, Inc. (MPS) provides consulting services, tools and education to increase productivity and work/life balance. Based in Denver, CO, McGhee integrates its proven methods and protocols with Microsoft technology to deliver innovative action-management strategies to individuals and organizations worldwide. McGhee is unique in its approach to maximizing technology investments, improving job satisfaction, and driving sustainable productivity throughout an organization because they focus on personal development first. CEO Sally McGhee is the author of the popular book series Take Back Your Life! ® using Microsoft Outlook to get organized and stay organized. MPS has been awarded a Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) contract (#GS-02F-010BA) under the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) schedule and is also a certified Woman-Owned Business. For more information about MPS visit

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