Cultivating Accountability

According to a Harris Interactive poll, less than 10% of employees feel their companies hold them accountable. Why? No one really enjoys holding others accountable. Isn’t it true that leaders would prefer to hire accountable people? Unfortunately, accountability isn’t that easy. This course brings awareness to the necessity of accountability in a culture. It calls out what a culture of blame can create through missed opportunities and disempowering conversations. Through the MPS Cultivating Accountability Program (CAP), team members learn to use a method to get back into their personal power by taking responsibility, therefore enabling them to focus on their priorities and keep distractions and counter-productive behavior to a minimum.


McGhee’s Cultivating Accountability Program challenges participants to take a serious look at individual, team, and organizational accountability. It demonstrates how accountability begins with personal responsibility. The participants will actively engage in accountability conversations, learn the destructive nature of blame and the power of taking ownership for results. Conversations and exercises build experience in the team and begin to create a more distinct understanding of accountability. Accountability is not simple as it changes based on the nature of a person’s role and magnitude of the work they are responsible for. Participants will leave with a clear understanding of the level of accountability they are operating within as we discuss basic, intermediate, and advanced accountability skills. A culture of accountability can be built on the distinctions and methods from this course. 


The Cultivating Accountability Program is a three-phase process:  1. Two hours with stakeholders reviewing the one-day program and its components to create awareness and motivation.  Two hours aligning with leaders on customizations to the content to best suit the team’s goals. 2. Completing a one-day off-site retreat where the team participates, learns, and applies the material and the methods. This includes instruction, discussion, exercises, debriefing, and empowering conversations. 3. Follow-up coaching sessions to support sustainability, with full access to our online McGhee Learning System.


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"I have learned a set of simple but powerful tools to managing my daily life. I felt my life was completely controlled by e-mails, hallway conversations, meetings, and I was not in charge of making progress toward my goals. Now, I can do something about it."