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Below are compelling real-life accounts demonstrating how our consulting efforts are aligning teams with objectives and turning managers into leaders and employees into strategic thinkers. 

Sodexo, Inc. - Sodexo, Inc. is a world leader in providing integrated food and facilities management. A major challenge at Sodexo had employees falling behind in completing important projects and tasks because they were spending an enormous amount of time processing hundreds of daily e-mails. Sodexo University implemented Take Back Your Life!™ courses throughout numerous divisions which resulted in 65% decrease in time spent on e-mail.

Jeppesen - Jeppesen, a Boeing Company, is a leader in the aviation industry, providing navigational software and support.  The Professional Services division at Jeppesen was struggling with creating an organizational structure that supported growth while aligning a global team on common objectives.  They enlisted the support of McGhee Executive Consultant Cindy Whiston to build a strategic plan that aligned their geographically diverse team towards a common set of goals while standardizing their organizational structure and processes.

Major Computer Manufacturer - The Sales division at a Worldwide Fortune 500 Computer Manufacturer was experiencing breakdowns in time-management, with employees not spending enough time working with clients.  They worked closely with McGhee VP of Virtual Programs Steven Terry to implement the Virtual Take Back Your Life™ (VTBYL) session, which provided tools and an effective methodology, allowing the clients employees to spend an additional 2 hours per week working with their clients.  As a result, the team is now organized and spending more time on important tasks and out in the field selling.

Prodigy MSN Mexico - The General Manager for ProdigyMSN Mexico needed to break down the silos in the organization and create alignment within the team on consistent goals. Although it is a small organization, employees were so busy working in their own areas that larger goals were not being addressed. The company needed to develop and focus on core objectives, and worked closely with Executive Consultant Peter Felsmann to implement the Objective Accountability Program, resulting in their Leadership Team creating clear objectives and aligning on goals.  The effects of that alignment were cascaded down to each person on each team in the organization.  Employees were empowered to participate and engage in the process of creating and driving the organization forward.

Microsoft Mexico - The team at Microsoft Mexico was looking to increase alignment, increase their Work-Health Index score and female representation while eliminating overwhelm. By implementing the Objective Accountability Program, Microsoft Mexico transformed from a culture where distraction, overwhelm and lack of “Cross-Group Collaboration” was common, to a culture of greater alignment, focus and work/life balance. They addressed breakdowns and barriers in communication within the Leadership Team, transforming them into a leadership culture that is aligned in one unique vision, focused on a consistent strategy, and committed and accountable for producing results.

HJ Heinz Corporation - The North American Procurement Group at this global food manufacturer wanted a method to increase alignment and more closely link performance objectives to business results. Read how the Objective Accountability Program increased results at all levels and helped create a high-performing work team.

Denver Health - Denver Health is the primary healthcare institution for uninsured patients in Denver, Colorado serving 25 percent of Denver’s population. Denver Health executives found themselves spending too many hours each day trying to manage information and wanted more time to focus on strategic issues. Learn how consulting sessions allowed these executives to devote more time to strategic planning, improve work/life balance, and improve employee satisfaction.

Microsoft Corporation - The Global Curriculum Development Group at Microsoft wanted a process for aligning the department's leadership team around a common vision following reorganization. Read how the Objective Accountability Program provided a system for identifying long-term goals and enabling everyone in the group to align with their commitments and work strategically to support the larger operating plan for the year.

TR International Trading Company, Inc. - The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at this global chemical distribution company wanted to reduce emergency situations within the office and establish a uniform approach for how his staff works towards long-term goals. Through an Executive Personal Information Management (EPIM) coaching session, the CEO gained clarity regarding the company's objectives. Group sessions improved communication and effectiveness of the staff.

FANASA - This pharmaceutical products distributor located in Mexico with approximately 2,800 employees needed to get everyone using a unified system for managing objectives, structuring meetings, and e-mailing effectively. Learn how 350 executives, managers, and supervisors shifted the culture from being permeated with reaction and chaos to a culture of efficiency and work/life balance.

Luxury Hotel - The General Manager of this world-class, luxury hotel in Florida wanted to introduce his team to a proven system for prioritizing and executing tasks against objectives. Learn how the hotel's Guidance Team created structure to how information is processed and delegated in an industry where customer service is key.

International Construction Management Company - Struggling with competing priorities, merged systems, and unclear objectives, the IT Department of this international construction management company wanted a sustainable solution to align the team on key objectives, increase accountability, improve communication, and track status of departmental goals. Discover how this team created clear objectives and how “planning for risk” reduced the reactive behavior that had previously resulted in a chaotic IT environment.

Fortune 100 Company - A sales executive at a Fortune 100 company wanted his sales team to spend more time with customers and less time doing e-mail and performing administrative functions. Read how this group gained an average of 6.5 hours a week to spend on activities directly related to their objectives.

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