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Dealing with conflicting priorities, too little time, too much information and a desire to live a more balanced life? Sally McGhee, Founder & CEO of McGhee Productivity Solutions is pleased to release the newest version of the ever-popular Take Back Your Life! book. This enhanced edition is designed to help people suffering from email overwhelm, working late and on the weekends and struggling to get it all done. These individuals range from chief executive officers to individual contributors BUT, they are also active fathers, busy mothers, husbands, wives and students. If YOU want to win back time so YOU can increase your personal productivity and create work-life balance then this is a must read. Take Back Your Life! is a simple system proven to increase productivity using Microsoft Outlook.



  • Create a system that allows you to achieve work-life balance.
  • Gain back on average 11 hours a week and be more productive at work and at home.
  • Reduce email overwhelm and get your inbox down to zero daily!
  • Stop overcommitting to your boss, your team or significant other and set realistic expectations.
  • Clear away distractions, control your calendar and focus on what’s most important.
  • Get organized and stay organized – from this point forward!

This new and improved version of Take Back Your Life! is Microsoft Outlook version agnostic so that you can refer to the timeless productivity methodologies for years to come without having to buy a new version every time your Microsoft software changes. All software guides are available at /free-downloads

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"I’ve adapted and refined your system over the years to tailor it to my specific needs, but the core lesson/strategy is still there – do it, delegate it, delete it, defer (and schedule) it. It’s a litmus test that I can apply to everything that crosses my desk and lets me balance my work and personal life much more effectively than I did before. I’m more predictable and believable than many of my colleagues because I make the time to do what I say I will do and am up-front when I can’t do something (because of higher priority things) for someone else that they would like me to do. It’s a key differentiator in my environment and 'integrity' has become a core value of mine as a result. Thanks for the incredible (and amazingly simple) concepts that have literally changed my life."