Using Microsoft Outlook to Create a Powerful Partnership with Your Manager
Vickie Sokol Evans (RedCape) Interviews Executive Productivity Consultant, Jennifer Wilmoth (McGhee Productivity Solutions) 
Published in Executive Secretary Magazine - July 2017

Vickie: Jennifer, I’ve been a fan of Take Back Your Life (TBYL) for over ten years now. I’m so thrilled to hear that you are now offering TBYL for Assistants. What makes this programming different than the other TBYL programs you offer?

Jennifer: Having started my career at MPS as Sally McGhee’s Executive Assistant, I quickly realized that most of what we taught in Take Back Your Life (TBYL) applied to me. However, being in a reactive role, dealing with multiple stakeholders, managing high-level projects and tactical decisions, balancing what I needed to do versus keeping Sally on track with her action items all while keeping her calendar up to date – required some adaptation. It was interesting to be an assistant in a productivity company, working alongside the CEO... READ MORE

Using Power and Influence to Foster a Powerful Partnership
Vickie Sokol Evans (RedCape) Interviews Executive Productivity Consultant, Jennifer Wilmoth (McGhee Productivity Solutions) 
Published in Executive Secretary Magazine - September 2017

Vickie: Many assistants feel like they don’t have any power to control what comes at them – that they are in a reactive mode simply trying to keep up.

Jennifer: I suspect that you have heard and likely experienced, the only thing you can control in your world is you. What you say, what you do, how you behave, the words you use and the attitude you exude, are all choices that you make. In some situations, other people will contribute to your experience and, in the end, you are in control of how you show up. For many of us, this is good news and bad news. The bad news? We cannot blame others (though I’ve certainly tried!) for the less desirable behaviors we demonstrate. The good news? You can change what you can control! That’s personal power.

If the only thing you can control is you, this implies that your friends, family, peers, clients, politicians, pets and even the weather during your vacation are all out of your control. I suspect however, although you know these things & situations are out of your control, you’ve spent (wasted!) energy trying... READ MORE

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Texas State University, San Marcos

Seth E. Worley - Foundation and Corporate Relations

"I have been a Microsoft Office user for many years and consider myself fairly savvy regarding its nuances. I was therefore happily surprised to find the Take Back Your Life course more useful than I could have imagined. It gave me a great appreciation for the foundational rationale behind the Microsoft Office Suite's design, proving the suite offers sufficient complexity to accommodate the most demanding work scenarios, yet is simple enough that even a novice Office user can implement a system that makes sense. In the McGhee program, I was hearing very plain information on how to make the Microsoft Office tool set work for me. The McGhee course didn't require that I bend my own system into something unfamiliar. Instead, I learned (by doing) how to put my knowledge of planning, organizing, and prioritizing to work. I recommend this seminar without reservation and hope to attend more sessions again in the future."